The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) is holding a sequel for the PSC All  Female Martial  Arts Festival. The 2nd Women’s Festival of Martial Arts will be held on May 25-27, 2015 at SM Megatrade Hall, SM MegaMAll.   The events that  will  be played are  arnis,  boxing, fencing, judo,karatedo, muay-thai,  penkat-silat, taekwondo, wrestling and wushu, to name a few. The Arnis event is sanctioned by the National Sports Association under the Philippine Olympic Committee, Arnis Philippines Inc. and shall be officiated by ARPI’s Technical Committee. Admission is free to the public.  We know participants will be coming from all over the country but we will impose "a first-come first-serve basis" and will only accept 100 participants. Please be reminded that part of the prerequisite is being a member of Arnis Philippines, Inc. for this current year.

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Sama Sama Unity is a gathering of Arnisadors to celebrate the healing of past wounds. It is a sharing and a meeting of kindred spirits to inspire one another and our community to look past our differences and help each other look past our differences and move forward in order for us to protect and preserve Arnis, the Martial art and Sport.


To those who are interested, please contact the host, Allan Shishir Inocalla.

Schedule is:

Feb 22, Sunday 

  9am-12nn - Lapu-Lapu Monument, LUNETA  

  1pm-9pm - Arnis maharlika tai yo center, Lot 11 blk 17 BF homes martinville subd, manuyo 2, Las pinas city


Contact: 0939-908-0025 , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FB: Shishir Inocalla



‎Please be informed that all RJs' must secure their membership card and RJ LICENSE card before officiating in any arpi sanctioned tournament. . All ARPI-NSA RJs' are prohibited to Officiate/Participate in any unsanctioned tournament by the ARPI-NSA. A penalty of suspension and or expulsion to anyone who will not abide. 

We are encoding the membership data into a new system starting with this years membership which will include all countries in one master file. This in turn shall generate a new ID number code than previous years but don't worry, the older ID number shall be in the new system.

We also would like to remind everyone to fill up the data required in the application form. Incomplete data or failure to provide shall delay your processing and ultimately cancel or lead to the denial of your application. The delays are due to the incomplete information, illegible writings (unreadable), missing photos, and most of the times signatures that go outside the box provided which in turn has to be photo edited to clean each. We do hope for your cooperation and understanding. Thank you. We hope to be releasing the 2015 ID's this end of the week electronically (email).