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1.     A club in good standing may apply for membership to ARPI. As a prerequisite for Club admission, all its members should be duly recognized as ARPI members as well.

2.     The registered name of the Club must be approved by the Membership Committee of ARPI.

           i.     The registered name should not contain words such as Philippine, National, International, World, Global, Olympic, Association, Federation, Universal and other terminologies that may confused to other major institutions/organizations.

          ii.     The registered name should be unique from all other Clubs already registered under ARPI and must bear the word “CLUB” at the end of the name. (Affixing a digit or Roman numeral at the end of the registered name to distinguish two or more different Clubs, as in the case of different chapters of a single organization, is permitted. e.g. Arnis Club I and Arnis Club II).


3.     All Clubs are disallowed to use the names and seals of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), Arnis Philippines, Inc. (ARPI), Arnis Philippines, Arnis Pederasyong Internasyonal, Inc. (i-ARNIS) and i-ARNIS.


4.     The Club recognized President and/or  Head must prepare and submit the following documents:


         i.       Letter of Request for Club Accreditation

        ii.       Club Membership Application Form

       iii.       Constitution and By-Laws of Club

    iv.         List of Club officers

     v.         Individual Membership Application Forms from Club members for Accreditation to ARPI

    vi.         Bio-Data & gov’t issued ID’s / school ID of individual members


5.     Once membership application is APPROVED, the club FEES:



                i.      Annual Club Membership Dues – P5,000.00 (w/ 51 or more members)



6.     Upon processing of membership, individual members will be given their respective ARPI / i-ARNIS identification cards bearing their permanent number not to be duplicated by anyone else.

7.     All Active Club/Individual membership to ARPI ends every 31 December of each year.  10% discount is applied for early registration/renewal. Renewal of membership is up to 31 January of the succeeding year. After the said period, an additional 50% penalty on membership fees is applied.  

8.     ARPI should be informed immediately regarding any changes in the club/individual membership information (e.g. address, officer-in-charge, blacklisted members, etc.) for the purpose of updating of database. Moreover, ARPI will not be held responsible for the club/individual’s failure to communicate on any changes due to such laxity.





For further details regarding payment for membership, you may contact us at ARPI head Office at:


Landline # +632-705.7017

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can facilitate your application.


*Payments should be made to:



Peso Account Number: 6871-0008-06

BPI Family Savings Bank – E. Rodriguez-Broadway

E. Rodriguez Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City 1112

Metro Manila, Philippines

*Please present your deposit slip for issuance of receipt.